Who We Are

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  • GreyApple.Pk is a unique cosmetic seller in Pakistan, established Since 1991 and still growing.
  • Our mission is to bring new, unique and popular international brands of cosmetics in Pakistan.
  • A professional team of researchers are regularly adding new brands according to customer’s requirements and newly launched products.
  • We have a large supply of international makeup, skincare and cosmetic’s brands to suit everyone’s budget.
  • We offer thousands of your favorite beauty products within an affordable price range as well-established luxury brands.
  • Once you start shopping with us you will not need to go anywhere else for your beauty products.

What We Do

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Our Mission

We aim to provide you with 100% original, authentic brand’s products, best prices and great customer service. Apart from buying yourself or your loved ones a great product, you will also be supporting us with our charitable work as for every product you purchase a small percentage goes to the charities we support.

As an online beauty company, we strive to earn your trust and maintain loyalty by combining original, authentic, high-quality products, great pricing, and world-class customer service!

Aamir Chaudhry (C.E.O) Grey Apple Pakistan

Happy Quotes

  • Cosmetics uncover what your identity is
  • Love the certainty it brings
  • There is no treatment like satisfaction
  • Excellence isn’t shallow
  • Modeling is more than makeup

Why We Are Trusted?

As an online beauty company, we strive to earn your trust and maintain loyalty through the combination of original, authentic, high-quality products, great pricing and world-class customer service! We want our customers to buy the right products for themselves, so we have connected with several makeup experts in order to offer products that have high quality standards.